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Blueberry Antacid

Product Image Brainard's Natural Remedies - 90-count bottle

Brainard's Natural Remedies - 90-count bottle


Looking for a more natural way to ease indigestion or heartburn? Brainard’s blueberry Antacid is made with blueberry fiber, fruit extracts and absorbable minerals to reduce acid quickly and naturally. It is Gluten free, Non GMO and Vegan, and it contains NO Calcium Carbonate – ever!
These tasty, chewable tablets are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and coloring. Beyond blueberry fiber, Brainard’s blueberry Antacid contains bilberry, elderberry and pomegranate extracts, along with calcium citrate and magnesium citrate – minerals that are much better absorbed by the body than the calcium carbonate used in many other antacids. For quick and natural relief of occasional indigestion. Patent pending and made in USA. SKU#: BNR-90-040.